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APPENDIX 5 - Appendix 5
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Add the following introductory paragraph and criteria to Appendix 5 -

In considering whether or not to make a recommendation to the Secretary to amend Appendix 5 so as to permit therapeutic goods to be advertised to persons under the age of 18, the TGACC will satisfy itself on the following factors (which are not exhaustive):

1. That the likely audience could be expected to have the knowledge and maturity to self-diagnose and self-manage the condition(s) for which the goods are to be advertised; 2. That the advertising of the goods to the likely audience could reasonably be expected to deliver to them significant health benefits or significant improvements to their quality of life; 3. That the risk of over-use, misuse or inappropriate use in the likely audience is insignificant; 4. That over-use, misuse or inappropriate use of the goods is unlikely to cause significant harm; 5. That the advertising of the goods can be confined to the intended audience.

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