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Free TV Australia and Commercial Radio Australia

On the approval of radio and television commercials, a confirmation copy of the approved advertisement is sent to the appropriate advisory body (Free TV Australia or CAD) or (Commercial Radio Australia or CAS). It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that an approved advertisement is submitted to the appropriate advisory body.

Commercial Radio Australia

Commercial Radio Australia is the industry association which represents the interests of Australia's commercial radio stations.

Commercial Advisory Service

The Commercial Advisory Service (CAS) of Commercial Radio Australia is a voluntary service designed to assist member stations and advertising agencies on a range of advertising issues.

Advertisements broadcast by commercial radio stations are subject to the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act as well as various forms of industry-specific regulation. Advertisements on commercial radio stations are also regulated by the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice which are registered by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) as well as Program Standards determined by the ABA. It is the responsibility of member stations to ensure that each advertisement complies with the relevant regulatory requirements.

Radio advertisements for therapeutic goods must be submitted to the Australian Self-Medication Industry (ASMI) for approval prior to broadcast - the ASMI approval should be obtained before the advertisement is submitted to the radio station. All advertisements for therapeutic goods must comply with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code.

Once an advertisement has been approved by ASMI, the advertising agency or commercial radio station may submit the script to CAS. CAS will provide information to the station or advertising agency to help them ensure that the advertisement complies with other relevant regulatory requirements such as the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice.

Free TV Australia Limited Commercials Advice Pty Limited

Commercials Advice Pty Limited (CAD) is operated on behalf of the members of Free TV Australia, the free-to-air commercial television broadcasters. CAD's objective is to provide a timely, consistent and cost-efficient service which meets the needs and expectations of all our customers: broadcasters, advertisers, advertising agencies, production houses and the general public.

CAD provides the following services.

  1. Classification of commercials under the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice. The Code contains a detailed classification system which is designed to ensure that only material which is suitable for a particular classification zone is broadcast in that zone Commercials must be classified before they can be broadcast on television.
  2. Issue
    of CAD Numbers CAD will issue a Classification Number after a commercial has been classified. A broadcaster may make acceptance of a commercial for broadcast conditional on the commercial having a current Advice Number.
  3. An information service
    at both pre-production and finished commercial stages, which directs the attention of advertisers, agencies and production houses to legislative and regulatory requirements relevant to commercials.

    To assist advertisers, the Television Production Checklist contains a general overview of the main legislative requirements affecting commercials. However, CAD does not provide legal advice. It is the responsibility of each advertiser to ensure that their commercials comply with State and Federal laws applicable to advertisers, including the Trade Practices Act 1974 and Fair Trading Acts and relevant voluntary codes and guidelines e.g. the Advertiser Code of Ethics and ACCC Advertising & Selling Guidelines.

Submission of commercials for classification

Commercials for therapeutic goods must comply with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code and, where therapeutic claims are made, the script must be approved by the Australian Self-Medication Industry (ASMI) prior to be submitted to CAD or stations.

Refer and click on How do I apply for classification? for further information.