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Television or Cinema Commercial
Up to and including 150 second commercials. Up to 3 variations of the one concept for the one product.


TV Commercial – Regional Retail Outlets only
Applicable to commercials produced for retail outlet (e.g. a pharmacy or health food shop) advertising on one local REGIONAL station within their own regional location. Retail outlets will not receive this discount if the commercial will be aired on metropolitan stations or in more than one regional station.


Television Advertorial
Any television spots greater than 150 seconds in length.
Price incurred per script.

$610 for first minute plus $160 for every minute after that

Radio Commercial
Up to 6 variants of the one concept, for the same product.


Radio Commercial – Regional
Up to 6 variants of the one concept for the same product


Print & Still Cinema Media

Where the time taken to process application is less than 1 hour:

Not more than 100 words
Between 100 and 300 words
Over 300 words

This category includes outdoor media,
catalogues and all other forms of
promotional material. Fee levied per

Where The time taken to process the application is more than 1 hour





The fee above is applicable plus $130 for each additional hour or part of an hour

Revisions / Re-approvals / Cutdowns

  • MINOR amendments to an advertisement previously approved require re-approval of the revised advertisement. Minor amendments to a script within THREE MONTHS after the date of approval will not attract any fees. Changes of retailer/outlet tags on a previously approved advertisement do not require re-approval (providing the approval is still current).

  • Approvals normally have a 2-year life span (there are exceptions). When approval expires a re-approval must be sought.

  • Any cut down of a previously approved advertisement. This includes items such as 5 & 10 second television billboards based on an existing approved television advertising campaign.

Print advertisements: $80

All other advertisements: 50% of scheduled fee

* NOTE The above fees schedule will account for the first hour of approval time allocated per script. In the vast majority of cases this allocation should result in a script ready for approval. The process includes invoicing and receipting, initial screening of scripts, requesting and assessing substantiating data and supporting information, meetings with advertisers, advice at concept stage, recommendations for amendments, feedback via fax or phone and final approval. Any extra time will attract an additional consultation fee levied at $130 per hour or any part thereof.

Fees are exempt from GST unless otherwise specified.